Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hints of Season

Hills are dusted with a coat
fallen ever-stealth,
covering the vestiges
of uncreated wealth?
No!  to but accentuate
what cannot be created!
And far beyond mere 'vestige-'
o so rife, that celebrated!

Dusted o so lightly,
as far as eye can see...
So vast, the panorama,
silence momentarily!
Vision captivated while
sheer stillness would resound!
Stilled would be the writer at
the landscape that is found!

"Rolling hills cry out to me
just by being real!
The backdrop of this chosen day

is something we can 'feel!'
And we would cry out in return
unto God, your Creator;
though you're the working of His hands,
tomorrow will be greater!"

Tomorrow will be greater...but don't lose sight of the greatness of today.  His creation is so beautiful to behold...but He promises that it does not compare to that which awaits us!  Take time today to thank Him for the glory of His creation and the promise of greater.

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