Saturday, November 10, 2012

Grateful reflections

We owe so much to them that do and have served this country faithfully.  This writer owes so much to them! 
"Thank you, Veterans!"
Unfortunately, words are about the only thing that I have to give back to them.  It is my prayer that all veterans can feel my heart here, and that these are far more than "just words!"

Across the oceans I am there;
it's for your own you care?
Even if you're unaware-
for such as this do I prepare.

Across the street I am there.
I gave what I could 'over there.'
No regrets--I would return;
"Did anything, that service, earn?"

"Thank you, sir, for what you've done.
You put your time in...and you won!
You've earned our gratitude in heart-
may all our lives, said thanks, impart!
Thank you, ma'am, for what you've done.
Because of you we freely run
to and fro without a thought...
your exploits hath, our freedom, bought!"

Across the street...across the sea...
in every place a veteran be
may honor be much more than "days-"
our gratitude to you always!!

in HIS Service,
Jim Busby

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