Thursday, November 29, 2012

Freedom from afar

Somewhere in Wyoming...

Look!!  On that post over there, A BALD EAGLE!
STOP!  Turn around!  Get the camera...
Where was he?  I know he was along here somewhere...
THERE HE IS!  Slow down...ok, roll up slowly, I want a close-up...NO!
There he goes!  Can you follow him?  Turn around while I still have him in sight!
He's still flying, but barely off the ground...there!  He landed on that post way over there.
Slow we go again.  Right here.  Let me get out...NO!  There he goes again!!  I think he's onto us!  Who's stalking whom?!  Turn around.
Can you see him?  Where?  I can't see that far!  I guess I'll have to shoot him from a distance.  Hmmm... so this is why some folks have telephoto lenses.
Oh well, he's still beautiful to watch.
"Thank You, Lord, for Your creation and this opportunity!"

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