Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blessing or curse?

I guess it depends on where you live...

Elements assailing-
the rumble and the roar!
So fortunate and blessed receiving
from the heaven store!
So necessary, that which is
now falling from above.
Give glory unto God Creator-
He is King of Love!
Glory unto God Provider,
Maker of the rain!
He is right beside while watching
all of living gain!
"Thank You, Father, for the needed
rain upon the land.
Yet another precious gift
out of Your very hand!"

Rain.  Precious gift?  At the right time and in the right amount!  But I have seen the hand of God at work long after the immediacy of a violent storm. 
That's the way God is sometimes.  We cannot see the blessing or the meaning of something until we are looking back at it.
Which way are you looking?

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