Friday, November 30, 2012


Is that how you feel about God?
Has He that kind of impact on you?
What does it take?

"God--the wonderment of You-
but who could understand?
Everything of life at all
is traced back to Your hand!
"Sixty million years ago..."
the learned man starts out,
we realize that You were there
allaying every doubt!

O God, Your wonderment, it only
grows as we advance!
You are always...You are greater
than mere "happenstance!"
Anything about this living,
(and not understood,)
it is fully known to You
and, in You, it is good!

Oh God, Your wonder surfaces,
and deeper as we go.
In the wisdom that amasses
Your grace we to know!
There is none like You, we see
as we progress always.
'Even so, come quickly, Lord!'
to yet remain our phrase!"

Amazing God!  Every day...constantly...eternally!
See Him as the incredible Father that He is!

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