Friday, November 30, 2012

A gifted man

The more I live, the more I am involved in the lives of others, the more I realize just how blessed I am, because

My mother is so present, she is
walking right beside
reminding me to 'straighten up'
as I would match her stride...
My mother is not absent,
(though in another state,)
she's here in my accomplishments--
the first to celebrate!
My mother is so caring
though she's not even near!
She has the proper questions when
my health becomes unclear.
My mother is so civil, even
when we disagree.
She always helps me find that place
where both of us can see.
My mother, so discerning
of situations all-
she seems to realize, each time,
exactly when to call.
My mother, such a gift from God,
I so appreciate!
I am a very wealthy man
due such a woman great.

And she is every bit of this
unto so many others!
So wealthy and so fortunate
are them that have such mothers!

So wealthy and so glad am I to yet be able to hear from or visit the one who gave me life! 

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