Monday, November 12, 2012

31 Years

31 years.
It sounds like such a long time.
It sounds like a miracle, given the "status" of marriage in this day and age!
31 years: wonderful years...confusing years...blissful years...painful years... years containing the gamut of emotion, but years containing faithfulness and dedication.
Looking back, my heart yet cries out

Oh won't you waltz along with me
as daily I advance?
For someone other than myself
says life should be "a dance."
And its accompaniment ti be
a melody of love;
however, several different tones,
the composition of.

Oh won't you waltz along with me
as ages come to pass?
For you have added to my life
a large amount of class!
And, gladly, I will take your hand
on every single turn,
enjoying each emotion, deep
within the heart to churn!

Oh won't you waltz along with me
while symphony remains?
For I need you to take the lead
when come the aches and pains!
And when the clouds, they gather and
the snow begins to fall
I need that guarding love in to which,
daily, we do fall.

Oh won't you waltz along with me
until the final dance?
Every moment in your presence
does, my life, enhance!
I am expecting everything-
the laughter and the tears;
I am expecting everything
for each and all our years!

31 years.  I AM SO BLESSED!
31 years...WE are so blessed!
Thank you for being my wife for 31 years, Honey.
I love you so much!


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