Friday, November 30, 2012


Is that how you feel about God?
Has He that kind of impact on you?
What does it take?

"God--the wonderment of You-
but who could understand?
Everything of life at all
is traced back to Your hand!
"Sixty million years ago..."
the learned man starts out,
we realize that You were there
allaying every doubt!

O God, Your wonderment, it only
grows as we advance!
You are always...You are greater
than mere "happenstance!"
Anything about this living,
(and not understood,)
it is fully known to You
and, in You, it is good!

Oh God, Your wonder surfaces,
and deeper as we go.
In the wisdom that amasses
Your grace we to know!
There is none like You, we see
as we progress always.
'Even so, come quickly, Lord!'
to yet remain our phrase!"

Amazing God!  Every day...constantly...eternally!
See Him as the incredible Father that He is!

Breakfast will you spend it?

Breakfast with the King-
all of living sing!
Morning tide with God-
all of life applaud...
Starting with the Lord
all of me restored!
Naught shall interfere
with His Presence here!

"You are God and You are welcome!
Be exalted here!
All of life affected by You-
Father God, come near!
We join with all creation,
unto You we submit,
we bring our gifts and sacrifices,
all our ways commit!"

Breakfast with the King-
what harmony to bring!
Come, to the early day,
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
And direction come
from Him Who knows the sum!
With the King to dine;
today--it will be fine!

Who are you having breakfast with?  Do they have the power to affect your whole day?  Why not invite Him Who made the day to sit and talk with you this morning?  He is THAT real!  He is THAT personal!


once again to know the whole.
In the glory of His Presence
can I give Him full control?
No one else in this place,
nor a thing for to distract;
oh, so beautiful that place
with only God to interact!!

Glorious the wonder here!!
There is nothing to compare!
See Him in His fullness clear!
He, alone, is in this place,
naught at all for to dissuade!
Wary of His Majesty
heart and soul and spirit made!

and for always He will be!
Hail Him--JESUS, King of Glory!
Hail Him in His Majesty!
Even in the sacred silence
does His adoration ring!
In this moment cede unto Him:

Adore Him...He is worthy!
Spend time with Him...He deserves it!
Fellowship with is necessary for your survival!

A gifted man

The more I live, the more I am involved in the lives of others, the more I realize just how blessed I am, because

My mother is so present, she is
walking right beside
reminding me to 'straighten up'
as I would match her stride...
My mother is not absent,
(though in another state,)
she's here in my accomplishments--
the first to celebrate!
My mother is so caring
though she's not even near!
She has the proper questions when
my health becomes unclear.
My mother is so civil, even
when we disagree.
She always helps me find that place
where both of us can see.
My mother, so discerning
of situations all-
she seems to realize, each time,
exactly when to call.
My mother, such a gift from God,
I so appreciate!
I am a very wealthy man
due such a woman great.

And she is every bit of this
unto so many others!
So wealthy and so fortunate
are them that have such mothers!

So wealthy and so glad am I to yet be able to hear from or visit the one who gave me life! 

The "Left Behind"

While I enjoy life and gripe and complain,
somebody somewhere is

Giving what is held so dear
away to some unknown,
while them that hold them very dear
are fastened to the phone!
Spending time where they are told
somewhere around the world,
while loved ones watch the evening news
with emotions furled.
How much of life is happening,
(of which they're not a part,)
that they can only read about?
What stress upon the heart!

Then, at the folding of the hands
and bending of the knees
distance comes to matter not
for every one of these!
The pain that is as we're apart
is lessened by the Lord;
His Presence bringing life together-
healing to afford.
So many are the "left behind"
when duty comes to call,
but God the Father compensates
with mercy unto all!

"Lord, we cry out for the ones
who wait for ones afar.
You know what they are going through,
who and where they are.
Oh bless them as their loved ones serve
and bless the U.S.A.
For we ask this in Jesus' Name-
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"

Pray for them that are preserving our right to gripe and complain, but don't forget to pray for them that are waiting for those faithful to come home: the wives, husbands, family, friends and all the 'left behind' whose lives are also affected by their service. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012


No, WOWoming!
I've heard stories about it...
I saw pictures of it...
I even heard a few songs about it,,,]
nothing prepared me for the REALITY of it!
Mountains that seize your vision and hold it!
Silence that is deafening!
Animals everywhere!
The Presence of God-so wonderful!

It is not a place to visit, it is a place to EXPERIENCE!
You cannot just see it, you must live it!
And everything that you see, hear and feel is filled with the proof and Presence of God!  All of the deer, ("No, dad.  Those are antelope!"  Vicki got tired of telling me!)  ANTELOPE, buffalo, sheep, elk and eagles!  It was only the third time in my life that I had seen eagles!  There were quite a few, and they were beautiful!  God's creatures were stunning!

No, WHYoming!
WHY did I not come here sooner?  It's beautiful!
"Father God, thank You for saving such beauty and spectacle for me to  Please help us to take care of it so others may experience it."

Hints of Season

Hills are dusted with a coat
fallen ever-stealth,
covering the vestiges
of uncreated wealth?
No!  to but accentuate
what cannot be created!
And far beyond mere 'vestige-'
o so rife, that celebrated!

Dusted o so lightly,
as far as eye can see...
So vast, the panorama,
silence momentarily!
Vision captivated while
sheer stillness would resound!
Stilled would be the writer at
the landscape that is found!

"Rolling hills cry out to me
just by being real!
The backdrop of this chosen day

is something we can 'feel!'
And we would cry out in return
unto God, your Creator;
though you're the working of His hands,
tomorrow will be greater!"

Tomorrow will be greater...but don't lose sight of the greatness of today.  His creation is so beautiful to behold...but He promises that it does not compare to that which awaits us!  Take time today to thank Him for the glory of His creation and the promise of greater.

Freedom from afar

Somewhere in Wyoming...

Look!!  On that post over there, A BALD EAGLE!
STOP!  Turn around!  Get the camera...
Where was he?  I know he was along here somewhere...
THERE HE IS!  Slow down...ok, roll up slowly, I want a close-up...NO!
There he goes!  Can you follow him?  Turn around while I still have him in sight!
He's still flying, but barely off the ground...there!  He landed on that post way over there.
Slow we go again.  Right here.  Let me get out...NO!  There he goes again!!  I think he's onto us!  Who's stalking whom?!  Turn around.
Can you see him?  Where?  I can't see that far!  I guess I'll have to shoot him from a distance.  Hmmm... so this is why some folks have telephoto lenses.
Oh well, he's still beautiful to watch.
"Thank You, Lord, for Your creation and this opportunity!"

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vanishing Species

Steel rails...the middle of nowhere...well, somewhere in Wyoming. I can't see it yet, but I can hear it!
Here it comes...hear the power.
Closer now...feel the noise.
The train. It's not just a 'thing' going by...
not just 'something to watch...'
no, it's an experience!
ding, ding, ding, ding... and over, car after car...
Ah, c'mon!! Again? NO CABOOSE?!
Whatever happened to the caboose? You NEVER see them anymore!
Oh well. What a blessing to see this fleeting sight out here in the middle of...God's wonderful creation! It is so beautiful out here where there is...nothing? No way! There is everything here to thrill the soul and resound of God's creative touch!
I am so blessed!

Thankful again

Debby reminded me.  My sister has been gone for 12 years.
How appropriate: Thanksgiving comes around the same time.
Why 'appropriate?'  Because I am thankful so upon every thought of her!

"I cannot 'touch' you anymore,
but I can surely 'feel!'
Though you left years ago, but you
continue to reveal.
In the whispers, in the visions,
in your visits real
you bring to surface oh so much
we may seek to reveal.
All the emotions that exist
as you exist in us...
all of the memories alive-
the laughter and the cuss!
All the talents that you are...
the labors of your hand...
all of this and so much more
but still we understand.

Oh, the memories alive
but I CAN touch, for sure!
And, through reflection, your own touch,
but surely to endure!
We WILL see you later!  Only
Jesus knows just when;
but we will surely live with you
in spirit until then!"

Those of you that have lost one that is so loved surely understand these words.
I pray that your days are just as precious as you cling to the promise that we shall be together again soon!

Vicki's dilemma

A letter in the mail.  A few phone calls.  Life must change...

Once again, happenings...
too early?  Too late?
Things that great and mighty God
could only orchestrate.
Events that no man could have seen
must be decided on--
but since we serve an awesome God
stress is already gone!

Already is an answer,
already is a way,
already is there peace about
all that went on today!
And even that as yet unknown
is fully known to God!
He is in complete control,
and His ways we applaud!

Happenings are happening
and they will yet go on
until He bids them 'settle!' and
this world is long gone!
But until then He stays in charge
and our trust must belong
unto the Father, Spirit, Son--
they never will be wrong!

There she goes again...blindly trusting...boldly trusting.
Here we go again, observing, advising when she asks.
"Thank You, Lord, for being in control of our lives!"

Monday, November 12, 2012

31 Years

31 years.
It sounds like such a long time.
It sounds like a miracle, given the "status" of marriage in this day and age!
31 years: wonderful years...confusing years...blissful years...painful years... years containing the gamut of emotion, but years containing faithfulness and dedication.
Looking back, my heart yet cries out

Oh won't you waltz along with me
as daily I advance?
For someone other than myself
says life should be "a dance."
And its accompaniment ti be
a melody of love;
however, several different tones,
the composition of.

Oh won't you waltz along with me
as ages come to pass?
For you have added to my life
a large amount of class!
And, gladly, I will take your hand
on every single turn,
enjoying each emotion, deep
within the heart to churn!

Oh won't you waltz along with me
while symphony remains?
For I need you to take the lead
when come the aches and pains!
And when the clouds, they gather and
the snow begins to fall
I need that guarding love in to which,
daily, we do fall.

Oh won't you waltz along with me
until the final dance?
Every moment in your presence
does, my life, enhance!
I am expecting everything-
the laughter and the tears;
I am expecting everything
for each and all our years!

31 years.  I AM SO BLESSED!
31 years...WE are so blessed!
Thank you for being my wife for 31 years, Honey.
I love you so much!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Grateful reflections

We owe so much to them that do and have served this country faithfully.  This writer owes so much to them! 
"Thank you, Veterans!"
Unfortunately, words are about the only thing that I have to give back to them.  It is my prayer that all veterans can feel my heart here, and that these are far more than "just words!"

Across the oceans I am there;
it's for your own you care?
Even if you're unaware-
for such as this do I prepare.

Across the street I am there.
I gave what I could 'over there.'
No regrets--I would return;
"Did anything, that service, earn?"

"Thank you, sir, for what you've done.
You put your time in...and you won!
You've earned our gratitude in heart-
may all our lives, said thanks, impart!
Thank you, ma'am, for what you've done.
Because of you we freely run
to and fro without a thought...
your exploits hath, our freedom, bought!"

Across the street...across the sea...
in every place a veteran be
may honor be much more than "days-"
our gratitude to you always!!

in HIS Service,
Jim Busby

Friday, November 9, 2012


Look!  Over there...

In the mirror is infinity:
mountains...aspens...skies and clouds to see!
"How far is forever?" cries the pen!
Will e'er it be contained by mortal men?

Not a ripple to be on the mirror.
The spectacle of image--none be sheerer!
Creation cries regarding the Creator
"He is God!  There is not any greater!"

Savor such an image for so long?
But He is God and greater comes along!
Constantly is grace applied to living.
Live always in the grace that He is giving!

Live always in the grace of God.  Life will never be the same.
If you try to keep track of what He does, He will just do more and better and you will get lost in His creation!  That's how much He loves us!
On the other hand, never forget or take for granted what He does, especially the simple things.  That's even more dangerous ground!

My words?

We are to give God our very best.
I did not say "We are to to strive to give God something better than what 'that guy' is giving Him."
God knows the heart and what comes out of it.

With eloquence of speech to reach the heavens?
With great vocabulary to connect?
For He is worthy of the finest verses,
but it's the heart that He would most respect!
For language--it can be manipulated;
words--for they can say most anything;
but with the heart all truth, it is revealed,
and to no guile is the heart to cling!

For God, He loves the praises of His people.
In the very same is He to dwell.
No matter be the 'quality' of verbiage,
when it is from the heart the Lord can tell.
Sure, there are some verses come from 'masters,'
but God receives the words of everyone!
Speak to Him in honesty and reverence
and He will receive you as a son!

As someone with a lot of words, I must be careful to give Him what is genuine and true, not necessarily what is 'better,' or what may be 'impressive' to someone.
I hope you feel the same.

What a life!!

"What kind of life is this?!"
Have you ever said that?  Have you ever heard that said before?  Have you ever wanted to really let them know what kind of life it is?  You are commanded to.  WE are commanded to!

"Because You are so holy,
because You are the King,
I'll worship You forever,
eternally to sing!

Jesus, You are beautiful,
oh how can poet say?!
I will glorify Your Name
beyond the final day!
"Jesus, You are wonderful!"
all living to declare!
the cause for our creation is
to praise You everywhere!

Because You are so loving,
because You are so kind,
Heaven and its paradise
surely I will find!
But for now to find Your love so real,
escorting me always
and causing there to be a song
of never-ending praise!

Jesus, You are beautiful-
but how can ANY say?!
Save to live a life of worship
each and every day!"

And I will live that life! 
Jesus Christ is THE beauty of this life!  Are you living Him?
I did not say that this life is always beautiful, but that life inside can make beauty be with you always.

In the morning...

I can hear some of you now:  "Yikes!  Here we go again!"

In the morning when I rise
I look out across the skies-
glory to reveal to me
the type of day that it will be.

At the starting of the day
I behold His grand display;
in the glory of the land
I see, so evident, His hand.

In the day with all its grace
I look full into Father's face
and know that He is in control;
in the morning, I am whole.

In the morning...
Do you rise and dread the tasks ahead?
Do you roll over and cover your head for as long as you can?
I challenge you to rise and behold the land as it rejoices in the reality of God's touch upon it!
Rise up and join that celebration before you do anything else!  He is worthy of your first-fruits!  In that celebration, present to Him all of those things that are on your schedule.  He wants to escort you and help you through them!
Yes, He IS that real!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Morning person

Early, early morning,
shadows-they are long.
Before much living is begun,
so glorious the song!
"BUT LIVING IS!!" cries out the land
unto the flowing pen;
and proof, it is availed to
the fortunate of men:
proven in the constant song
of those upon the wing-
from the branches so alive
they prosper and they sing!
Proven in the living trees
that offer them retreat-
they lift their arms in praise to God
Who has their lives replete!
Proven, yes, in all creation
to the ones that see:
the Spirit-led are privy to
His living constantly!

Yes, early, early morning, one more
day that He has made.
He is indwelt as living sings
to Him its accolade!
Hear creation crying out
in songs of adoration
as morning in its majesty
arrives with jubilation!

Morning person?  Ya think?! 
Whatever your time of day is, Creator God is present and visible!
Make sure He receives the honor due Him alone!


"The glory and the honor,
the accolades and fame,
in everything I do and say
may ALL go to Your Name!
For You are worthy of it all,
to You alone is due!
Any goodness come of me,
but surely it is You!
For I can just assemble words,
but You cause poetry!
I may arrange the lines that are,
but in You verses be!
I may fill out an empty page,
but You anoint the same
causing it to minister
and magnify Your Name!

Not for anything that I
may brag about or boast,
but God, see to it that You would
receive the very most!
Hide me behind the message that
the verses will possess;
Your glory and Your honor, Lord,
seek only I to bless!"

So is the prayer of this man: that in all that I may do or say, Jesus Christ be exalted!
For I cannot write anything without the talents that He has given me.  I know that He
has given you some, too!

Blessing or curse?

I guess it depends on where you live...

Elements assailing-
the rumble and the roar!
So fortunate and blessed receiving
from the heaven store!
So necessary, that which is
now falling from above.
Give glory unto God Creator-
He is King of Love!
Glory unto God Provider,
Maker of the rain!
He is right beside while watching
all of living gain!
"Thank You, Father, for the needed
rain upon the land.
Yet another precious gift
out of Your very hand!"

Rain.  Precious gift?  At the right time and in the right amount!  But I have seen the hand of God at work long after the immediacy of a violent storm. 
That's the way God is sometimes.  We cannot see the blessing or the meaning of something until we are looking back at it.
Which way are you looking?

Starting off...

First light...even sooner...

Doves announce the morn
eventide is worn
sleeping hours past
vision, oh so vast!

The glory of His Majesty
so wonderful, so real!
Constantly and faithfully
His evidence reveal!
Come to vision, oh so many
His exclusive sight-
to name and number them would carry
far beyond the night!

Doves announce the morn;
the pen becoming torn:
enjoy the life-display
or go and face the day? is so blessed to be right here, right now savoring the Presence of the Lord and His creation, but the moments are passing and there are things to be done.
"Thank You, Creator God, for sharing Your creation with me!"

Friday, November 2, 2012

Absolute Trust

There will be healing soon.
There will be peace in this situation someday.

Though I cannot explain it,
though answers seem afar,
I cling to the assurances-
in Jesus Christ they are!
Solutions may not be nearby
but God is right beside
providing peace for to endure
to them that do reside!

I cannot explain it.
I do not have to, though!
The fact that God is in control
is something that I know!
He will see that I discover
all the things I must;
the rest I must release to Him
and absolutely trust!

So much that no one can explain-
but present is the Lord!'
Grace unto the seeker would He
constantly afford!
He knows what we can handle,
He knows what to reveal;
trust in Him completely--He is
Keeper of the Seal!

Absolute trust.  It is not easy, but it is beneficial.  I am not healed yet, but He remains The Healer, He knows what He is doing, and I trust Him!
Absolute trust.  Does that mean I do not wonder at times?  Of course not!  He remains God no matter how I feel, and He is right there until that trust returns.
I trust Him.  What about you?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

What happened?!

In "just looking around," so many other things come to light.
I was with my wife yesterday, 'just looking around,' and realized that

Somehow, I became my dad,
when did that occur?
My hair turned gray and then turned loose,
my eyes grew dim and...there we were!
We do those things my parents did
we thought were so 'uncool:'
I help you drive wherever we go,
and you wipe off my drool.

And you became my mother-
that woman I adore;
'desire' becomes 'need-' I've yet
such admiration for!
The 'duties' of a wife aside,
'caretaker' you've become.
Your worth--it's yet impossible
for me to know the sum!

And we've become each other-
taking on each others' traits.
You've been right here beside me
in plenty and in straits!
And once again, as always,
here we are, still side-by-side;
we are what God has purposed and
it has been quite a ride!

And it's not over.  31 years together.  How many more?  Only God knows, but I will be right here with Debby Busby--enjoying, loving, learning, growing even yet.
It is my prayer that each of you can have such a wonderful relationship with the one you love!