Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Within us all

The magnitude of wisdom we,
as men, have yet amassed...
but daily for to realize
that such we have surpassed!
Findings, they arise that once
had learned men perplexed
causing note from every man:
"What will they think of next?"
inventions...kingdoms, aye,
these are all awaiting us
just there, behind the eye!
For have we not within us each
the wonders on The List?
There, the ability to reach them
truly does exist!

Liberally, to all who ask,
wisdom He will grant;
equally to everyone,
never He be scant!
For we are all equipped with that
transport to other realm;
we cannot reach it, though, without
the Father at the helm!

YOU ARE ABLE...if you submit to God and allow Him to work through you.
God has incredible plans for your life.  Do you have other plans?

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