Saturday, October 13, 2012

There's Nothing!

Every one of us is 'tempted' every day.  Just about anywhere we go, there is opportunity to be 'glorified' because of our 'talents.' 

"There's nothing I can stand on,
no bragging may I do,
it is grace alone exisiting,
Lord, there's only You!
All that I am, all that I do
is done because of You-
therefore all accolades, unto
Your Majesty, are due!

There's nothing I can stand on
save everything You are!
Without your touch upon my life
I can't go very far!
I may obtain the distance, Lord,
but empty would it be,
without Your mercy, grace and love
so deep inside of me!

There's nothing I can stand on save for
Calvary's foundation!
Lord, Your love is basis for
my life and my salvation!
I only know advancement,
I only know success
when You say so, when You choose
to honor and to bless!"

Whose talents are they?  Whose glory is it really?  It's up to you.

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