Friday, October 26, 2012

That Valley!

In the valley of uncertainty-
Clinging to the certainties that be!
Walking with Him--I am not alone.
In the valley, confidence yet known.

Grateful for the valley-
His Presence there always!
Somewhere is an answer
and positive His ways!
Often, though, invisible
until we are beyond;
but God, He is dependable,
and, of us, He is fond!

In the valley of uncertainty.
Discovering, here, insecurity.
Knowing, though, the leading of His hand.
His certainty to come to understand!

The Presence of God.  Everywhere!  Even the prophet assured that even if he went to the depths of Hell, God would be there.  Can you sense Him there where you are?  I want to assure you today that even if you are running from God, He is matching your stride and is already waiting for you there where you are going!
Cling to the certainties and assurances of God.  For those are the only ones that will last!

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