Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Life in Christ.
There is no shadow of turning in Him, yet He is newer every day.

Hoping, trusting, confident-
no matter what arises.
The closer that I get to Him
there will be some surprises.
But God--but God is able to
sustain us through them all;
He tells me I may stumble, but
He vows I will not fall!

Hoping, trusting, confident-
serving Him I've learned
He is so very faithful
yet everywhere I've turned!
His mercies, they are newer and
more wonderful each day.
The Straight and Narrow is not smooth,
but God, He makes a way!

Hoping, trusting, confident-
but only in the Lord!
He sees all that I go through,
He sees that I'm restored!
He sees all that cannot be seen
and confidence arises;
in Christ alone, security-
in Him are no surprises!

Oh, the enigma that He is.  But I will faithfully serve and follow Him to the end!
How about you?

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