Sunday, October 14, 2012


Because there are no guarantees
I cling to The Assured!
Because so much just 'comes and goes...'
I cling to The Endured.
Because He gives Himself to me
I give to Him mine all
in living in the here-and-now,
in heeding to The Call.

Because I cannot live without Him
He lives inside of me!
All I think and say and do
He checks continually!
But Jesus, He accompanies
in constant visitation;
because imperfect is this life,
so perfect His relation!

The verses could go on and on...the poet could pen page after page of reasons for living the life that Jesus ordains, but it will never be as real as YOU living the life that Jesus has for you!  YOU must be born again!
That sounds quite 'intolerant' according to the 'order of the day,' but those are God's commands! 
Jesus is the ONLY Way!

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