Friday, October 12, 2012

Peace about the roar

Finally, a place of rest...

Rushing now and turbulent-
the waters of the White,
roaring as it goes its way
the first think after night;
every cap to glisten with
the rising of the sun,
all the night and all the day
its function never done.

Too, the world about me,
it is so in such a rush!
Unto these waters must I draw
to realize a 'hush.'
Ironic that, in such a mighty
body on the move,
I can draw and, precious blessings
of the Father, prove!

The rushing and the turbulence
I witness not alone.
The Holy Ghost and Comforter
makes His Presence known.
We fellowship together as
I'm learning more and more
about that peace that passes all
amidst the mighty roar!

Find those waters in your world and dwell there.
Know The Creator of those waters and dwell in Him!  He is Peace.  Regardless of the turbulence, there is stability and calm as you rest in Him...Creator God...Peaceful God...Father God.

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