Saturday, October 6, 2012

Only a storm?

Elements aside,
He will not be denied!
Though the skies assail,
He will not ever fail!
Come whatever may,
Jesus is The Stay-
He's with you through it all,
whatever shall befall!

Again, the facets of the storm
to have their solemn way.
"Upon the unjust and the just..."
it is another day.
How many, though, to know that purpose
always is around?
The same, they will survive the storm-
those on Solid Ground!

Are you in a 'storm?'  Oh yes, it can be something other than a meteorological event!  And it is not "are you in a storm,' but "Who is in that storm with you?"
Jesus Christ, Creator God, is right there with you.  He is as close as whispering His Name!  You have no reason to endure it alone.  Call out His Name, know His reality and rest in His Presence.

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