Saturday, October 6, 2012

O, to be There!

"The daily grind..."  It is different for each of us.
There is a constant, however.  There is a yearning in each of us to be in one Place someday...

Oh, that I be present in
that place where pain is not!
Mine every sense to dine upon
the victuals it has got!
Mine every hunger satisfied,
mine every thirst aquenched-
any loss that I should know
to, there, be recompensed!

Oh, that I be present in
that land so indescript;
that One forever promised 'yond
the waning, earthly crypt!
in a body glorified,
in a land so fair
with Him Who is Omnipotent-
o come and take me there!

To be a native of that place,
work here must first be done.
I have a job until then sharing
Jesus Christ, the Son!
His solitaire decision as to
when we shall depart,
oh, then to witness all that has
been witnessed to my heart!

Can you see it with me?  Does your heart yearn for the same?  So much to little time...eternity ahead!
Make each day count!

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