Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Most Valuable Time

Not a "morning person?"  Oh well...

"Here I am again, my Lord.
How are You today?
I avail myself afresh;
Lord Jesus, have Your way!
All that I am, all I will be,
is far more in Your hands;
I savor, Lord, Your company,
Your leading, Your commands.

You are so high and holy
here in this glory place.
You even make me holy as
I revel in Your grace!
So beautiful is the beginning
when begun with You--
the first key to 'successful' days
is this blest rendezvous!

Here I am again, my Lord,
and here You are ALWAYS.
Receive my worship, supplication,
and my honest praise!
I want to spend this time with You,
we need it deeply so!
In the earliest, Your Presence
will we seek to know!"

So incredible is this hour in the Presence of God!  There is a very full day ahead, but naught shall stop me from this most valuable time!
Take that moment with Him to begin your day.  It is VERY well worth it!

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