Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mixed thoughts... matter what?
Can you have peace in spite of unpeaceful situations?
Can you have security regardless of what goes on around you...or even what is happening to you?
Jesus is that Peace that remains regardless of what goes on.
We can be secure in Him knowing that this place and its ways are only temporary.  For He has better, greater waiting for us when this life is done.

I know that there is better,
He shows it to my heart!
There is a life beyond this one
and, in it, I've a part!
Jesus made it possible
for me to live once more;
and, gradually, He shows to me
what He has got in store!
Fleeting glimpses are availed
of that which does await.
He can't show it to me in full,
it is too very great!
He whispers things unto my heart
too wonderful to say,
then tells me go to all the world
and share with them The Way!

I know that there is better,
He shows it to my heart.
I must relate it to all men,
His glories to impart!

Do we have to wait until this life is over? 
Does He not have better and greater for us even while we are here?
How is your heart?  Are you prepared to receive something better and greater?  He's got it for you!

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