Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Jesus says..."

Have you heard Him today?
What do you listen for/to?

In silence to resound,
Christ the Lord be found.
Praise unto His Name
reverberates no shame!
Thus, this time I will spend
His accolades to send!
As is beheld each sight,
in Him will I delight!

Morning only with my Lord and King.
Joining with all living that would sing!
Bowing 'fore Him and just listening...
receiving what He purposes to bring.

Silence to resound-
by the ear it's found!
But every other sense
enjoys His resonance!

Listen to the voice of Jesus!
Hear Him with your ears!
Hear Him with your eyes!
Hear Him with all of your heart!  He is alive and everywhere!!
Praise Him with all of your being...but don't forget to listen and hear!

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