Monday, October 8, 2012

First Day?

First day of the week...
A brand new day?
A brand new week?
New ________?

Another day?  A 'brand new day?'
What does it really mean?
There's not a thing to happen that
He's not already seen.
He knows the setbacks, challenges,
He sees the victories;
the greatest truth: His Presence is
in every one of these!

Another day?  A brand new day?
But every day to be!
His mercies, they are newer
every day to such as we!
Therefore, with excitement shall we
face the days ahead
knowing we are set aside,
and staying Spirit-led!

Go for it!
Whatever life has for you today, do it with all you can.  It may be new, it may be what some call "same old...same old..." but you are allowed one more precious opportunity to live, and that more abundantly with Jesus alive in your heart!
Is it only Monday? 

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