Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Just look around...
So many are the issues of the heart;
so many things occurring that take part.
"Disasters" come and go that grip the strings,
the world happens, and the stress it brings.

Someone you may never have heard of
occupies my heart in greatest love...
Someone that you do not even know
needs the lord within so they can grow...
someone here has moments left to live,
yet no thought unto them would you give...
someone...something...somewhere breaks the heart,
but God, BUT GOD, His Spirit to impart!!

I cannot know the sum of all events!
I do know, though, that prayer preserves, prevents!
All I can do is pray for what I know;
YOU must turn to God, an interest show!
That which tugs at your heart is so great,
but its scope I may not appreciate.
Only God can know ALL we go through,
and only God knows everything to do!!

"Disasters," each of us have some each day.
God is God--He handles them His way.
Turn to Him and KNOW He has the way-
grace and truth and peace for to convey.

I don't expect you to understand ALL that I am going through, but I would appreciate your prayers.
I know that what you are going through is urgent and painful, but all I can do is pray.
All we can do is pray for one another, because all of us are in need of God's touch.  If we go to God for one another in prayer, He will direct us to do that which is beyond prayer.

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