Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daily Covenant

Who can know the contents of the heart?
Can light and darkness have an equal part?
But that within will surely manifest--
revelation of the worst and best!

"GUARD YOUR HEART!"  The warning is so clear!
God Most High is able, keep Him near!
It is not something to be done alone-
in Jesus only victory is known!
"'See our hearts!'  Almighty God we cry!
Make us more like You in moments nigh.
Make our ways to manifest Your ways.
We dedicate ourselves to You always!

     The enemy is subtle,
     the enemy is bold!
     He is so very crafty,
     he is so very cold!
     But God, but God is greater,
     and to His ways we cling!
     He keeps great watch upon the heart-
     our greatest offering!

"We cry out 'GUARD OUR HEARTS' oh holy Lord!
Your grace and Your provision we've implored.
You are able, this we know for sure;
with You, oh Lord, we know we shall endure!"

Pray with me, won't you?  Each of us needs to pray that every morning as we face another day in this life.  We need that protection that comes from only Him!  He is able to sustain and protect as we go through this life, day-to-day, moment-by-moment.
Let Him in!

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