Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Almost There!

God is so good.
God is so faithful!
Even when answers to prayers are not what I expect, God is faithful.
Those answers are usually better and more than I could pray for.
Even when it seems like there is no answer at all, I know that God is faithful.
Do you?

Even if the answer's not
what I think it should be,
eventually, it will make sense,
His answer will I see.
Even if the pain persists
and healing can't be seen,
eventually He touches me-
The Blood to intervene!
Even when I cannot see,
obstructions in my view,
I know that He is in control
He will make all things new!

Whatever it is that hinders your faith, I encourage you to continue to press on!  Are there things going on in your life that do not make sense?  Ask God what it means!
How many of us have given up on the brink of a breakthrough? 
How many have walked away from God at that moment before He walked in?
Keep pressing on!  It's worth it!  God is closer than you think, and He is not always going to do "the expected."

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