Thursday, October 25, 2012


Jesus--all for Jesus.
All I do, all WE do should be done in the name of the Lord and for HIS glory.
Daily, indeed constantly, I must tell myself (and others) that this ministry and these words are for HIS glory and not my own.  I must see to it that all accolades and thanksgiving is deflected back to Him from Whom the words come.
Am I alone?

Jesus, Jesus, all for You-
o hide this man always!
May all that I do in this life
be for to get You praise!
You speak to me, You speak through me
and it's proclaimed abroad;
Please be exalted through it all
lest I be deemed a fraud!

Jesus--nothing fraudulent
about the morning view!
You, alone, create the glory
of each vibrant hue!
You alone escort the writer
as he walks along;
You alone inspire within:
untouchable a song!!

Jesus, Jesus--all for You,
and all eternity
shall be to glorify Your Name-
worthy, Lord, You be!
And we will praise and magnify You
to that time so due!
Jesus, Jesus--all for Jesus!
Lord, we worship You!

Jesus...Jesus.. beautiful, so wonderful, so alive in all of life!  Give Him glory today and always because He is worthy!

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