Tuesday, October 16, 2012


"O God, what shall I do today?"
"My Lord, what shall get done?"
"NO!  What shall You do through me
in Jesus Christ Your Son?!"

Already an agenda,
though early be the day.
So many, many things to do
before that final ray!
But is that slate so rigid that
He cannot interrupt?
I must resolve this here and now
while all of us have supped!

Already an agenda...
I know I'm not alone.
You have many plans, as well,
have you been to the Throne?
Jesus has the perfect plan
for every step you take,
and if you'll only turn to Him
success, of them, He'll make!
So, friend, what shall you do today?
What all will you get done?
Commit each step to Jesus Christ
and you can say "We won!"

Well, friend, what's up for your day?  Do your plans include Jesus?  Can you release to Him that much control?
It's up to you.
It's up to US!

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