Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Promise Affrimed!

Isaiah the prophet went through more than any of us will ever face.
In one of the accounts availed to us, he withstood some incredible disasters seeking God, only to find Him in that peace that only God provides...

The whirlwind, the earthquake and
the fire, they are passed;
nothing but that Still, Small voice
to which, my fate, I cast.
"Nothing but a Voice?" one says,
ah, but what else could one need?
For in that still and gentle Voice
is everything indeed!

"Oh Lord, what be this turbulence
that cometh more and more?
Know Ye, I would rather be
upon that Golden Shore!
For years and years, You've promised us
these be the final days;
we reason, yearn and long for it,
but who could know Your ways?!"

"But awhile longer, son,
hearken unto Me.
If only I should draw the veil
to show how close it be!
Rest assured, My child, 'tis
a little while more
and you'll be present in That Land
that you've been laboring for!"

Are you facing incredible challenges?
Do you yearn for That Day ahead when all of this life's challenges will be over?
Are you clinging to a promise that God has given you?
God is so faithful, and whatever you are going through now cannot compare to the blessings that are there, just beyond...

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