Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Just look around...
So many are the issues of the heart;
so many things occurring that take part.
"Disasters" come and go that grip the strings,
the world happens, and the stress it brings.

Someone you may never have heard of
occupies my heart in greatest love...
Someone that you do not even know
needs the lord within so they can grow...
someone here has moments left to live,
yet no thought unto them would you give...
someone...something...somewhere breaks the heart,
but God, BUT GOD, His Spirit to impart!!

I cannot know the sum of all events!
I do know, though, that prayer preserves, prevents!
All I can do is pray for what I know;
YOU must turn to God, an interest show!
That which tugs at your heart is so great,
but its scope I may not appreciate.
Only God can know ALL we go through,
and only God knows everything to do!!

"Disasters," each of us have some each day.
God is God--He handles them His way.
Turn to Him and KNOW He has the way-
grace and truth and peace for to convey.

I don't expect you to understand ALL that I am going through, but I would appreciate your prayers.
I know that what you are going through is urgent and painful, but all I can do is pray.
All we can do is pray for one another, because all of us are in need of God's touch.  If we go to God for one another in prayer, He will direct us to do that which is beyond prayer.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Make a blessing out of us
as life goes on today.
You see and know all the events
that will be on the way.
There are people, there are things
in which we'll be involved,
please be sure, Lord, that around You
ALL will be revolved!

Each of us has a full day ahead of us.  God already sees and knows all that is going to happen.  He has already set up encounters that will involve Him, and appointments that will require Him.  All we must do is avail ourselves for His use.
Are you available?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mixed thoughts...

Security...assurance...peace...no matter what?
Can you have peace in spite of unpeaceful situations?
Can you have security regardless of what goes on around you...or even what is happening to you?
Jesus is that Peace that remains regardless of what goes on.
We can be secure in Him knowing that this place and its ways are only temporary.  For He has better, greater waiting for us when this life is done.

I know that there is better,
He shows it to my heart!
There is a life beyond this one
and, in it, I've a part!
Jesus made it possible
for me to live once more;
and, gradually, He shows to me
what He has got in store!
Fleeting glimpses are availed
of that which does await.
He can't show it to me in full,
it is too very great!
He whispers things unto my heart
too wonderful to say,
then tells me go to all the world
and share with them The Way!

I know that there is better,
He shows it to my heart.
I must relate it to all men,
His glories to impart!

Do we have to wait until this life is over? 
Does He not have better and greater for us even while we are here?
How is your heart?  Are you prepared to receive something better and greater?  He's got it for you!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Jesus says..."

Have you heard Him today?
What do you listen for/to?

In silence to resound,
Christ the Lord be found.
Praise unto His Name
reverberates no shame!
Thus, this time I will spend
His accolades to send!
As is beheld each sight,
in Him will I delight!

Morning only with my Lord and King.
Joining with all living that would sing!
Bowing 'fore Him and just listening...
receiving what He purposes to bring.

Silence to resound-
by the ear it's found!
But every other sense
enjoys His resonance!

Listen to the voice of Jesus!
Hear Him with your ears!
Hear Him with your eyes!
Hear Him with all of your heart!  He is alive and everywhere!!
Praise Him with all of your being...but don't forget to listen and hear!

Friday, October 26, 2012

That Valley!

In the valley of uncertainty-
Clinging to the certainties that be!
Walking with Him--I am not alone.
In the valley, confidence yet known.

Grateful for the valley-
His Presence there always!
Somewhere is an answer
and positive His ways!
Often, though, invisible
until we are beyond;
but God, He is dependable,
and, of us, He is fond!

In the valley of uncertainty.
Discovering, here, insecurity.
Knowing, though, the leading of His hand.
His certainty to come to understand!

The Presence of God.  Everywhere!  Even the prophet assured that even if he went to the depths of Hell, God would be there.  Can you sense Him there where you are?  I want to assure you today that even if you are running from God, He is matching your stride and is already waiting for you there where you are going!
Cling to the certainties and assurances of God.  For those are the only ones that will last!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Jesus--all for Jesus.
All I do, all WE do should be done in the name of the Lord and for HIS glory.
Daily, indeed constantly, I must tell myself (and others) that this ministry and these words are for HIS glory and not my own.  I must see to it that all accolades and thanksgiving is deflected back to Him from Whom the words come.
Am I alone?

Jesus, Jesus, all for You-
o hide this man always!
May all that I do in this life
be for to get You praise!
You speak to me, You speak through me
and it's proclaimed abroad;
Please be exalted through it all
lest I be deemed a fraud!

Jesus--nothing fraudulent
about the morning view!
You, alone, create the glory
of each vibrant hue!
You alone escort the writer
as he walks along;
You alone inspire within:
untouchable a song!!

Jesus, Jesus--all for You,
and all eternity
shall be to glorify Your Name-
worthy, Lord, You be!
And we will praise and magnify You
to that time so due!
Jesus, Jesus--all for Jesus!
Lord, we worship You!

Jesus...Jesus.. Jesus...so beautiful, so wonderful, so alive in all of life!  Give Him glory today and always because He is worthy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More truth

How comfortable we are in our own congregations, our own little world.
Is that the way it should be?

Beyond the boundaries...
past the cursed "ease!"
It is within my reach-
but God will I beseech!

I have authority:
Jesus Christ in me.
A calling I for sure-
but what will I endure?

The fields, they are white!
I am salt and light!

Get past comfort!
God will show you incredible things if you will only drop the walls!

"Father, thank You for the peace and comfort that we know, but is the same a curse...a handicap?"

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Waiting on the Lord...
virtues there outpoured;
"So many plans to make..."
oh, what great mistake!

Waiting on the Lord-
so very much restored;
listening with hope and trust-
silence in this place a must!

Waiting on the Lord...
too many thoughts explored!
O still my busy mind-
His graces then to find!

Too often is my own device
involved in deepest prayer.
I tell the Lord my plans and then
expect Him to be there!
Rather, I should listen as
He tells me what to do,
knowing that His timing and
His motives are so true!

Teach me to wait.  Serve Him.
Teach me to wait.  Be patient.
Am I alone in needing help waiting?

Remind me so real!

Talking to God again.  So reassuring.  So stable in a shaky world...

Remind me who I am...
a child of The 'I AM!'
Remind me Whose I am-
all glory to the Lamb!

"Unto You I belong!
Oh, what an awesome song
is generating deep-
but not in there to keep!
I cannot help but sing
of everything You bring!
Of everything You are,
oh Bright and Morning Star!"

Remind who...what...where...when...
But Jesus o'er again!
Everything to me-
let all men plainly see!

Yes, Jesus...all for Jesus!
What are you living for?  Is it as firm a foundation as He is?  Jesus Christ is THE ROCK!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daily Covenant

Who can know the contents of the heart?
Can light and darkness have an equal part?
But that within will surely manifest--
revelation of the worst and best!

"GUARD YOUR HEART!"  The warning is so clear!
God Most High is able, keep Him near!
It is not something to be done alone-
in Jesus only victory is known!
"'See our hearts!'  Almighty God we cry!
Make us more like You in moments nigh.
Make our ways to manifest Your ways.
We dedicate ourselves to You always!

     The enemy is subtle,
     the enemy is bold!
     He is so very crafty,
     he is so very cold!
     But God, but God is greater,
     and to His ways we cling!
     He keeps great watch upon the heart-
     our greatest offering!

"We cry out 'GUARD OUR HEARTS' oh holy Lord!
Your grace and Your provision we've implored.
You are able, this we know for sure;
with You, oh Lord, we know we shall endure!"

Pray with me, won't you?  Each of us needs to pray that every morning as we face another day in this life.  We need that protection that comes from only Him!  He is able to sustain and protect as we go through this life, day-to-day, moment-by-moment.
Let Him in!


Though we must be in this world, we must not get wrapped up in its system.
Jesus made this clear in so many ways.  The Word makes this clear in so many ways.  Even the poet writes

I must die the death
if I shall know the breath
that lasts forever.
If I give it up,
He will take the cup
and leave me never!
There are so many things
to which the old man clings-
surrender I must,
oh, but so much more
Jesus has in store
and will entrust!

Jesus makes it very clear that there is very little in this life that is worth clinging to.  Have you discovered that truth yet?  It is something that we must learn before He can release the greater gifts...even in this life!

Divine Proofs

Hallelujah!  It's that time of year again...

Through the trees of evening
stand sentinels aglow;
living seems to settle--there is
rest to finally know;
soft and subtle movements, they
remain upon the land,
but there is nothing subtle about
God Creator's hand.

In the trees alive so many
colors He creates!
To the vision, oh the living
that reverberates!
His originality-
it has not any peer,
and all of living celebrates
in ways so very clear!

The hand of God in motion...
The artistry of God in vision...
It is the prayer of this writer that you can behold His handiwork there where you are!

Almost There!

God is so good.
God is so faithful!
Even when answers to prayers are not what I expect, God is faithful.
Those answers are usually better and more than I could pray for.
Even when it seems like there is no answer at all, I know that God is faithful.
Do you?

Even if the answer's not
what I think it should be,
eventually, it will make sense,
His answer will I see.
Even if the pain persists
and healing can't be seen,
eventually He touches me-
The Blood to intervene!
Even when I cannot see,
obstructions in my view,
I know that He is in control
He will make all things new!

Whatever it is that hinders your faith, I encourage you to continue to press on!  Are there things going on in your life that do not make sense?  Ask God what it means!
How many of us have given up on the brink of a breakthrough? 
How many have walked away from God at that moment before He walked in?
Keep pressing on!  It's worth it!  God is closer than you think, and He is not always going to do "the expected."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


"O God, what shall I do today?"
"My Lord, what shall get done?"
"NO!  What shall You do through me
in Jesus Christ Your Son?!"

Already an agenda,
though early be the day.
So many, many things to do
before that final ray!
But is that slate so rigid that
He cannot interrupt?
I must resolve this here and now
while all of us have supped!

Already an agenda...
I know I'm not alone.
You have many plans, as well,
have you been to the Throne?
Jesus has the perfect plan
for every step you take,
and if you'll only turn to Him
success, of them, He'll make!
So, friend, what shall you do today?
What all will you get done?
Commit each step to Jesus Christ
and you can say "We won!"

Well, friend, what's up for your day?  Do your plans include Jesus?  Can you release to Him that much control?
It's up to you.
It's up to US!


Life in Christ.
There is no shadow of turning in Him, yet He is newer every day.

Hoping, trusting, confident-
no matter what arises.
The closer that I get to Him
there will be some surprises.
But God--but God is able to
sustain us through them all;
He tells me I may stumble, but
He vows I will not fall!

Hoping, trusting, confident-
serving Him I've learned
He is so very faithful
yet everywhere I've turned!
His mercies, they are newer and
more wonderful each day.
The Straight and Narrow is not smooth,
but God, He makes a way!

Hoping, trusting, confident-
but only in the Lord!
He sees all that I go through,
He sees that I'm restored!
He sees all that cannot be seen
and confidence arises;
in Christ alone, security-
in Him are no surprises!

Oh, the enigma that He is.  But I will faithfully serve and follow Him to the end!
How about you?

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Because there are no guarantees
I cling to The Assured!
Because so much just 'comes and goes...'
I cling to The Endured.
Because He gives Himself to me
I give to Him mine all
in living in the here-and-now,
in heeding to The Call.

Because I cannot live without Him
He lives inside of me!
All I think and say and do
He checks continually!
But Jesus, He accompanies
in constant visitation;
because imperfect is this life,
so perfect His relation!

The verses could go on and on...the poet could pen page after page of reasons for living the life that Jesus ordains, but it will never be as real as YOU living the life that Jesus has for you!  YOU must be born again!
That sounds quite 'intolerant' according to the 'order of the day,' but those are God's commands! 
Jesus is the ONLY Way!

Got a Moment?

And once again,

Brand new day the same,
eastern skies aflame...
silence in the mist...
Jesus to exist!

So wonderful, so glorious,
Creator God creating!
Behold His Majesty as all
of life is celebrating!
He is worthy of all praise,
all adoration, too!
Give Him glory, all ye peoples!
Sing His praises due!!

A brand new day the same-
o praise His holy Name!
In the morning mist
Christ Jesus DOES exist!

Jesus Does exist!
Reach out and cling to Him as you face another Monday!  He has a perfect plan for your day...your week...your life...but I promise you it will be moment-by-moment.
Do you have time for Jesus?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

There's Nothing!

Every one of us is 'tempted' every day.  Just about anywhere we go, there is opportunity to be 'glorified' because of our 'talents.' 

"There's nothing I can stand on,
no bragging may I do,
it is grace alone exisiting,
Lord, there's only You!
All that I am, all that I do
is done because of You-
therefore all accolades, unto
Your Majesty, are due!

There's nothing I can stand on
save everything You are!
Without your touch upon my life
I can't go very far!
I may obtain the distance, Lord,
but empty would it be,
without Your mercy, grace and love
so deep inside of me!

There's nothing I can stand on save for
Calvary's foundation!
Lord, Your love is basis for
my life and my salvation!
I only know advancement,
I only know success
when You say so, when You choose
to honor and to bless!"

Whose talents are they?  Whose glory is it really?  It's up to you.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Peace about the roar

Finally, a place of rest...

Rushing now and turbulent-
the waters of the White,
roaring as it goes its way
the first think after night;
every cap to glisten with
the rising of the sun,
all the night and all the day
its function never done.

Too, the world about me,
it is so in such a rush!
Unto these waters must I draw
to realize a 'hush.'
Ironic that, in such a mighty
body on the move,
I can draw and, precious blessings
of the Father, prove!

The rushing and the turbulence
I witness not alone.
The Holy Ghost and Comforter
makes His Presence known.
We fellowship together as
I'm learning more and more
about that peace that passes all
amidst the mighty roar!

Find those waters in your world and dwell there.
Know The Creator of those waters and dwell in Him!  He is Peace.  Regardless of the turbulence, there is stability and calm as you rest in Him...Creator God...Peaceful God...Father God.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Promise Affrimed!

Isaiah the prophet went through more than any of us will ever face.
In one of the accounts availed to us, he withstood some incredible disasters seeking God, only to find Him in that peace that only God provides...

The whirlwind, the earthquake and
the fire, they are passed;
nothing but that Still, Small voice
to which, my fate, I cast.
"Nothing but a Voice?" one says,
ah, but what else could one need?
For in that still and gentle Voice
is everything indeed!

"Oh Lord, what be this turbulence
that cometh more and more?
Know Ye, I would rather be
upon that Golden Shore!
For years and years, You've promised us
these be the final days;
we reason, yearn and long for it,
but who could know Your ways?!"

"But awhile longer, son,
hearken unto Me.
If only I should draw the veil
to show how close it be!
Rest assured, My child, 'tis
a little while more
and you'll be present in That Land
that you've been laboring for!"

Are you facing incredible challenges?
Do you yearn for That Day ahead when all of this life's challenges will be over?
Are you clinging to a promise that God has given you?
God is so faithful, and whatever you are going through now cannot compare to the blessings that are there, just beyond...

Within us all

The magnitude of wisdom we,
as men, have yet amassed...
but daily for to realize
that such we have surpassed!
Findings, they arise that once
had learned men perplexed
causing note from every man:
"What will they think of next?"
Unconquered lands...industries...
inventions...kingdoms, aye,
these are all awaiting us
just there, behind the eye!
For have we not within us each
the wonders on The List?
There, the ability to reach them
truly does exist!

Liberally, to all who ask,
wisdom He will grant;
equally to everyone,
never He be scant!
For we are all equipped with that
transport to other realm;
we cannot reach it, though, without
the Father at the helm!

YOU ARE ABLE...if you submit to God and allow Him to work through you.
God has incredible plans for your life.  Do you have other plans?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Most Valuable Time

Not a "morning person?"  Oh well...

"Here I am again, my Lord.
How are You today?
I avail myself afresh;
Lord Jesus, have Your way!
All that I am, all I will be,
is far more in Your hands;
I savor, Lord, Your company,
Your leading, Your commands.

You are so high and holy
here in this glory place.
You even make me holy as
I revel in Your grace!
So beautiful is the beginning
when begun with You--
the first key to 'successful' days
is this blest rendezvous!

Here I am again, my Lord,
and here You are ALWAYS.
Receive my worship, supplication,
and my honest praise!
I want to spend this time with You,
we need it deeply so!
In the earliest, Your Presence
will we seek to know!"

So incredible is this hour in the Presence of God!  There is a very full day ahead, but naught shall stop me from this most valuable time!
Take that moment with Him to begin your day.  It is VERY well worth it!

Monday, October 8, 2012

First Day?

First day of the week...
A brand new day?
A brand new week?
New ________?

Another day?  A 'brand new day?'
What does it really mean?
There's not a thing to happen that
He's not already seen.
He knows the setbacks, challenges,
He sees the victories;
the greatest truth: His Presence is
in every one of these!

Another day?  A brand new day?
But every day to be!
His mercies, they are newer
every day to such as we!
Therefore, with excitement shall we
face the days ahead
knowing we are set aside,
and staying Spirit-led!

Go for it!
Whatever life has for you today, do it with all you can.  It may be new, it may be what some call "same old...same old..." but you are allowed one more precious opportunity to live, and that more abundantly with Jesus alive in your heart!
Is it only Monday? 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Early Creation

creation in the mist...
all questions of 'Creator God'
securely are dismissed!
Life is opened up to welcome
His great Majesty,
and silence is the order as
He whispers gracefully."

How many are the living that
would listen to His voice?
That many are the ones that in
His Presence do rejoice!
The same they are receiving life
and more abundantly,
life from each and every word
to flow consistently!

abounding in the first.
Fellowship with Creator God,
again and unrehearsed!
So beautiful, so wonderful-
oh, what living to abound!
His Presence is so real, and
everywhere is holy ground!

Find that time and place with Father God today.  You need it.  I need it.  WE need it!  He is so alive and present as we avail ourselves to His Presence!

O, to be There!

"The daily grind..."  It is different for each of us.
There is a constant, however.  There is a yearning in each of us to be in one Place someday...

Oh, that I be present in
that place where pain is not!
Mine every sense to dine upon
the victuals it has got!
Mine every hunger satisfied,
mine every thirst aquenched-
any loss that I should know
to, there, be recompensed!

Oh, that I be present in
that land so indescript;
that One forever promised 'yond
the waning, earthly crypt!
in a body glorified,
in a land so fair
with Him Who is Omnipotent-
o come and take me there!

To be a native of that place,
work here must first be done.
I have a job until then sharing
Jesus Christ, the Son!
His solitaire decision as to
when we shall depart,
oh, then to witness all that has
been witnessed to my heart!

Can you see it with me?  Does your heart yearn for the same?  So much to do...so little time...eternity ahead!
Make each day count!

Only a storm?

Elements aside,
He will not be denied!
Though the skies assail,
He will not ever fail!
Come whatever may,
Jesus is The Stay-
He's with you through it all,
whatever shall befall!

Again, the facets of the storm
to have their solemn way.
"Upon the unjust and the just..."
it is another day.
How many, though, to know that purpose
always is around?
The same, they will survive the storm-
those on Solid Ground!

Are you in a 'storm?'  Oh yes, it can be something other than a meteorological event!  And it is not "are you in a storm,' but "Who is in that storm with you?"
Jesus Christ, Creator God, is right there with you.  He is as close as whispering His Name!  You have no reason to endure it alone.  Call out His Name, know His reality and rest in His Presence.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Before any work...

Early yet once more...

Blest communion with my Lord
in the morning mist.
Ahhh...the precious fellowship
that, sleeping, I'd have missed!
Oh, but at His bidding, I
have faithfully arose
and, glad for such, I comprehend
things far surpassing prose:
the dew upon the roses,
the fragrance of the same...
the sonnet of the sparrows
exalting His sweet Name...
the symphony presented at
the rising of the sun-
all this have I enjoyed now
before any work is done.

Again, the earliest is oh so resplendent with God and His glory!  Have you been here?
Try it.