Thursday, September 27, 2012

With Him

"As I approach Your holy throne
You never try to flee.
Your love, oh Lord, is so immense
and even unto me!
You even call, inviting me,
inviting me to come!
Oh my God, what great communion
thence to be the sum!

Your love, that love that is secure,
eternal and always!
Your love continues finding new
and everlasting ways!
For to express Your favor of me-
who could understand?!
As I approach Your holy throne
I cannot even stand!

Your love--oh great and mighty God,
so personal and real!
Your favor, as I go, I am
unable to conceal!
No matter what this living does
In You will I abide
always looking forward to
these moments at Your side!"

Time in His wonderful!  No matter how long it lasts, no matter what the rest of the agenda looks like, time with Jesus is always special and beneficial.
Are you aware of that kind of time?  MAKE that time!

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