Monday, September 24, 2012

The Meeting

There is a place where a most vital meeting occurs.  It is a place that is absolutely avoided by some!  Do you go there?

In a meeting place
Someone already there
Jesus, Lord of Grace-
how do I prepare?
Approach Him with a boldness
that humbles to a point?
Approach with an agenda-
is that what He'll anoint?

But listen to the Spirit
before the meeting place.
Follow His anointed path-
not any better grace!
His leading and His guiding,
(though oft seen as 'bizarre,')
will take us from the status quo
to where the blessings are!

The Father, Son and Spirit,
the precious meeting place!
Not another location
perfection to replace!
Leave everything behind for to
obtain the very best:
that stellermost relationship
where I am surely blessed.

Leave everything behind: lists...attitudes...
The meeting place is for fellowship, not an ego trip.  The Trinity dwelling there is already aware of all that you need and want.  He is already aware of what you will say...and what you will not say.  Why not just leave all that behind and just enjoy the Presence of Him?

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