Sunday, September 23, 2012


Walking along the beach again.  This time, watching the wind and waves have their way.

The turbulence upon the sea
captivates the sight of me.
I inhale the hearty mist
commotion such to make exist.
For hours could I, yonder, eye,
everything within to sigh;
but, this day, attentive so
as, deep, its turbulence I know.
The trials, yea, that have arose
are deeper than my reason knows;
and, as the movement of the sea,
such they would seem to do to me.
For I, too, could be tempest-tossed,
e'en in the midst of such be lost,
but, oh, the Troubler of the sea,
the Same is Father unto me.
Father strict?  Nay, loving One!
He looks at me and calls me "son;"
therefore, because of His great love,
such turbulence I'll rise above.

As Father strict I know Him not!
All that He has I have got!
And being true the Prince of Peace,
He renders such and tumults cease!
So blessed, so very blessed am I.
For at His word, the winds, they die,
not only on the mighty sea,
but deep within the soul of me!

I know that you have known the same turbulence, but do You know the same Father?   Too many I meet know Him as only a stern taskmaster.  What a loss!!  Call out to Him, even on that angry sea, and He will come to your rescue!

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