Saturday, September 8, 2012

Still Fresh

The day that I got saved....I still remember it well!
What about you?

The day of my salvation-
it is fresh upon my mind,
but that same peace and jubilation,
daily yet I find!
The years, for thy have come and gone
since that blessed day,
and I am yet committed to
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

"Every day in Jesus,
it is sweeter than the last,"
this, so very long ago,
into my heart was cast!
And each day in the interim
lent credence to this word
as each and every day such blessings
truly are occurred!

The day of my salvation, oh,
and every morning since,
for my submitting unto Him
have I known recompense!
Blessing beyond measure, such as
this world cannot give!
Ever thankful I that, in my heart,
He'll ever live!

Remember that day?  Is it still wonderful?  It should be!  God wants it to be. 
If you cannot recall the wonder and the thrill of learning about God's love and what Jesus did for you, ask Him about it.  He is faithful to answer the seeking heart.

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