Saturday, September 8, 2012

Peace is come!

Peace is coming...oh, the day
that shall not come to end!
Peace is coming--in the clouds
of glory to descend!
Peace is coming, and His Name
is Jesus Christ the King!
Peace is coming--He shall
overshadow everything!

Do you know that peace in ways
that will, unshaken, be?
He must be living at a depth
that conflict will not see!
He is alive to see you through
when peace seems to be not;
peace is come--and that far more
than ANY peace you've sought!

Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace--
He's coming for so real!
Jesus Christ, Son of God--
know Him...see Him...feel!

Peace is surely coming.  Oh, but Peace is surely here and available for you RIGHT NOW!
Call out to Jesus!  Don't let anything in this life embezzle you out of a relationship with Jesus!  He loves you so much that He will provide perfect peace in the midst of the life that is...and so much more!

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