Thursday, September 20, 2012

(No title)

Sometimes, (again!) things are not always as they appear...

Only but a speck am I-
minute, diminutive, aye!
My purpose, it be manifold,
even through the ages told;
The use of me, no matter great,
for it can so effectuate
a growth...a spreading...yea, A RISE
in that, a thousandfold my size!
In a mass, I am not lost.
For my skill one paid the cost
and, with His goal, shall I keep pace
in spite of awesome odds I face!
Strike me down, I shall be more
than any you have seen before;
scatter me, I'll multiply!

Ok, ok.  That may be taking it a bit too far.  But He did call us to be yeast!  Read it again, see the parable and be all that you can be for His purpose.

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