Thursday, September 6, 2012

Most Beautiful

The love of God.  What can be said about the love of God?

Finer than a drop of water
coal to cultivate.....
more pure than any precious metal
man to excavate.....
more beautiful than what is cultured
in the fathoms deep.....
such is the love of God the Father,
in my heart to keep.

Can anything compare to that
provided by such grace?
Is anything as beautiful
here in this temporal place?
Does even this, my verbiage, fathom
what I try to pen?
The answers yet remain in Him
in Whom I'm born again!

Regardless, shall I e'er pursue,
relentless in my quest;
likely not to capture it,
but I will do my best!
Communicating, oh, the love
that only I could know:
the Father's love---more beautiful---
yet freely to bestow!

Have you experienced such love?
What can YOU say about it?

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