Thursday, September 13, 2012


If I love her, I will look for ways to improve her life.
If I love her, I will see to it that she is comfortable.
If I love her, I will speak out in her defense when she being talked about.
If I love...I will do more than sit here and write!

That within to churn once more
upon thought and reflection.
It so demands response and action-
more than introspection!
That emotion deeper far
than a 'cushy' feel-
it so remains a constancy
that makes a person real.

And I know her 'reality,'
really, she's for real!
It is not very often her
emotions would conceal!
But that within which only love
could, to the surface, bring-
I have known for, lo, these years,
and it makes me to sing!

And that within to push me to
improve her living here.
It makes me to make sacrifices-
far to persevere!
It causes me to do obscure,
ridiculous behavior!
It makes to to talk constantly
about her to my Savior!

That shows without
so everyone can know
that I am so in love with her
as through this life we go!

I hope that all of you are blessed with someone to love as much as I love my wife Debby!  I will always love her, be proud of her, pray for her and defend her.  She is very worth it!

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