Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just paper?

Again, an empty page...
that within to rage!
Compulsion be to write-
creation to ignite!

An empty, waiting sheet-
would my pen compete
with words that are before?
Surely, God is more!

An empty page no more!
Let's go now to the shore
and walk with Jesus Lord-
life to be restored.
And living to be savored
by His own, so favored.
Are you one of His own?
"by the love you've shown."
Each line now come to form.
Lines and words transform
into ministry-
life to surely be!

"Just an empty page?"
The poet, would he rage
in protest of such thought!
Just see the life it's wrought!

Letters...words...verses...all to glorify God!
Be lifted as you glorify God in all that you do and say today!

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