Monday, September 17, 2012

Gathered thoughts


"Though often I've encountered death,
You, Lord, have prolonged my breath!
Oh, bless us with yet one more day
in which to which to play.

How many hours are preserved
because Almighty God we've served?
How oft do we, the morning, see
because of mercy constantly?

But though we oft encounter death,
do ask amiss we "One more breath?"
For that beyond our breathing here
is perfect, glorious and clear!

So teach us, yet again, we pray
how to approach life every day;
what to desire in that walk
so, at the end, we shall not balk."

It hurts. 
God has so much glory and perfection awaiting us just beyond the vale...but we dread it, fear it and try to avoid it.
What a quandary...

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