Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Faculties upon...

Busy...busy...busy...and thinking of Heaven...
trying to focus upon the task at hand...and thinking of Jesus!
Once again, trying to take care of the daily ministrations of life.  All the while, though, thinking of Jesus...God...Heaven...eternity...

My thoughts upon the glory of
His Majesty supreme...
my hope upon His blessed Son
Whose Blood doth so redeem...
my heart upon a perfect love
that not a man could earn...
mine eyes upon the eastern sky
awaiting His return!!

So constantly upon my mind
a thought of Him on high,
but, often, such must I suppress
that I can occupy!
Such commanded He of me
until that Blessed Day!
"'So rightly I to heed this life,'
of Thee, oh Lord, I pray!"

How many are thoughts of that of Him as we go about our busy lives?
Am I the only one that must attempt to focus on the task at hand while the goodness of God is singing throughout my being?
Pray for me.  Pray for us!  God is so good!!

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