Saturday, September 29, 2012

Enough of this place!!

Every channel on the television...every station on the radio...every page of the paper...
COME ON!!!!!

The system and the order of
this world--I've had enough!
"How much longer, awesome God,
must we endure this stuff?!
Though it be nowhere near at all
what You had to breast,
I cry out for that time when we
shall enter into rest!
This place, corrupt and evil, oh,
we all do what we can;
somewhat bound as it be shaped
unto the guise of man.
But, for now, my knees, they be
mine exodus, my flight
unto a Place whose system, order,
yet be recondite!"

Oh that Place, our residence,
some dear and distant day!
Off of its path, the Straight and Narrow,
I shan't ever stray!
For all that I shall need to stand
until these days are done,
it be afforded unto me
in Jesus Christ, the Son!!

Are you ready?  Have you had enough?  I know that some days here are better than others, but there is a time just afar where every day is a better one!
Wanna go?

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