Saturday, September 22, 2012


In another place, there are things going on that are too perfect and too beautiful for us to know about!
Thus, they are too perfect and too beautiful to be captured in word...unfortunately!
However, He does provide glimpses of that glory as we press on faithfully.

Another time, another place...
is it somewhere that you will face?
There is a time, (and soon the same,)
when all shall bow and call His Name.
But those who call upon Him now,
we shall enjoy that time, and how!
For there, it shall be Paradise!
For I cannot say just how nice
because such truth is hidden yet-
only glimpses do we get.

Another time, another Place...
and there resides the King of Grace
and He shall be our escort there!
He will show us Everywhere!
Call upon Him even now.
Seal for certain that one vow
that guarantees your residency-
For Jesus is the only Way
to escape this life that day
and spend eternity in peace!
His Blood, His Name-that One release!

Another time...another Place...does your heart ever rest on those thoughts?  It is such a relief to know the security we have being a child of God.
Do you have that security?

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