Sunday, September 30, 2012


Earliest activity
in the deaf goes on.
Silence is beneath the clouds
that now present the dawn.
Rays--they will not paint the mountains
or the trees today,
and, soon, the fury in the skies
will have its primal way.

First, though, there's a meeting in
a meeting place so grand!
God Creator calls to me
and motions with His hand!
He offers me a seat, and there
I set my coffee down
before the stately theatre
for which He is renown!

Earliest activity?
Almost none at all
save for the spectacle of life
responding to His call!
All the while, living light
develops, sure and slow--
blessed revelation the
observant are to know!

Have you ever been up this early?
Have you ever been up this early for this purpose?
Go for it!  There is so much life going on before life goes on!

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