Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Where are thoughts on this day?
What is that within, surfacing upon reflection?
Of course it hurts!  But is that pain doing good or doing harm.  Everyone processes it differently.

How many are the flags aloft,
in memory to fly?
How many are the visions yet
just there behind the eye?
How many are the fears remaining
from an awful time?
If differences alone remain?
What a heinous crime!!

Too painful be the images
to once again bring out;
that each of us are violated
is without a doubt!
But bitterness and anger can be
weapons even worse!
Do I move ahead, or do
constantly rehearse?

Where is grace and mercy in
the light of such a crime?
I must remember Who the Judge is,
He controls all time.
I cannot do anything
save pray as I am told,
and cling yet to The Healer-
righteousness will He uphold.

We continue to pray for the injured. 
We continue to honor the fallen.
We continue to trust in Jesus.
We continue to fight the Good Fight.  For we KNOW that that battle will ever be fruitful.

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