Sunday, September 30, 2012


Earliest activity
in the deaf goes on.
Silence is beneath the clouds
that now present the dawn.
Rays--they will not paint the mountains
or the trees today,
and, soon, the fury in the skies
will have its primal way.

First, though, there's a meeting in
a meeting place so grand!
God Creator calls to me
and motions with His hand!
He offers me a seat, and there
I set my coffee down
before the stately theatre
for which He is renown!

Earliest activity?
Almost none at all
save for the spectacle of life
responding to His call!
All the while, living light
develops, sure and slow--
blessed revelation the
observant are to know!

Have you ever been up this early?
Have you ever been up this early for this purpose?
Go for it!  There is so much life going on before life goes on!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Enough of this place!!

Every channel on the television...every station on the radio...every page of the paper...
COME ON!!!!!

The system and the order of
this world--I've had enough!
"How much longer, awesome God,
must we endure this stuff?!
Though it be nowhere near at all
what You had to breast,
I cry out for that time when we
shall enter into rest!
This place, corrupt and evil, oh,
we all do what we can;
somewhat bound as it be shaped
unto the guise of man.
But, for now, my knees, they be
mine exodus, my flight
unto a Place whose system, order,
yet be recondite!"

Oh that Place, our residence,
some dear and distant day!
Off of its path, the Straight and Narrow,
I shan't ever stray!
For all that I shall need to stand
until these days are done,
it be afforded unto me
in Jesus Christ, the Son!!

Are you ready?  Have you had enough?  I know that some days here are better than others, but there is a time just afar where every day is a better one!
Wanna go?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

With Him

"As I approach Your holy throne
You never try to flee.
Your love, oh Lord, is so immense
and even unto me!
You even call, inviting me,
inviting me to come!
Oh my God, what great communion
thence to be the sum!

Your love, that love that is secure,
eternal and always!
Your love continues finding new
and everlasting ways!
For to express Your favor of me-
who could understand?!
As I approach Your holy throne
I cannot even stand!

Your love--oh great and mighty God,
so personal and real!
Your favor, as I go, I am
unable to conceal!
No matter what this living does
In You will I abide
always looking forward to
these moments at Your side!"

Time in His wonderful!  No matter how long it lasts, no matter what the rest of the agenda looks like, time with Jesus is always special and beneficial.
Are you aware of that kind of time?  MAKE that time!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Faculties upon...

Busy...busy...busy...and thinking of Heaven...
trying to focus upon the task at hand...and thinking of Jesus!
Once again, trying to take care of the daily ministrations of life.  All the while, though, thinking of Jesus...God...Heaven...eternity...

My thoughts upon the glory of
His Majesty supreme...
my hope upon His blessed Son
Whose Blood doth so redeem...
my heart upon a perfect love
that not a man could earn...
mine eyes upon the eastern sky
awaiting His return!!

So constantly upon my mind
a thought of Him on high,
but, often, such must I suppress
that I can occupy!
Such commanded He of me
until that Blessed Day!
"'So rightly I to heed this life,'
of Thee, oh Lord, I pray!"

How many are thoughts of that of Him as we go about our busy lives?
Am I the only one that must attempt to focus on the task at hand while the goodness of God is singing throughout my being?
Pray for me.  Pray for us!  God is so good!!

Prayer for Integrity

"It's not what you know, it's who you know..."
There is only one case where that be something to be proud of:
"It's not what you know, it's Who you know!"
Have you noticed these days that when someone pulls off a famous or sensational crime, that's how it is viewed: sensational!  The criminals are praised for their skill and expertise!
What's wrong with us?

"Oh grant, Lord, that integrity
would be our epitaph.
'Thou shalt not bear false witness...' this, Lord,
being yet our staff.
Until the fading of the night
that shan't be anymore,
'mongst them considered 'just' may we
remain of good rapport.

'As honest as the day is long,'
I heard it said of one.
May it, too, be said of me
being, Lord, Your son!
May others look at us, oh God,
and not find any fault,
but, upon thought or sight of us,
may they, Your Name, exalt!"

Join me in this prayer, won't you?
In a time and place that regards criminals as heroes, it is good and right to stand out.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Meeting

There is a place where a most vital meeting occurs.  It is a place that is absolutely avoided by some!  Do you go there?

In a meeting place
Someone already there
Jesus, Lord of Grace-
how do I prepare?
Approach Him with a boldness
that humbles to a point?
Approach with an agenda-
is that what He'll anoint?

But listen to the Spirit
before the meeting place.
Follow His anointed path-
not any better grace!
His leading and His guiding,
(though oft seen as 'bizarre,')
will take us from the status quo
to where the blessings are!

The Father, Son and Spirit,
the precious meeting place!
Not another location
perfection to replace!
Leave everything behind for to
obtain the very best:
that stellermost relationship
where I am surely blessed.

Leave everything behind: lists...attitudes...
The meeting place is for fellowship, not an ego trip.  The Trinity dwelling there is already aware of all that you need and want.  He is already aware of what you will say...and what you will not say.  Why not just leave all that behind and just enjoy the Presence of Him?

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Walking along the beach again.  This time, watching the wind and waves have their way.

The turbulence upon the sea
captivates the sight of me.
I inhale the hearty mist
commotion such to make exist.
For hours could I, yonder, eye,
everything within to sigh;
but, this day, attentive so
as, deep, its turbulence I know.
The trials, yea, that have arose
are deeper than my reason knows;
and, as the movement of the sea,
such they would seem to do to me.
For I, too, could be tempest-tossed,
e'en in the midst of such be lost,
but, oh, the Troubler of the sea,
the Same is Father unto me.
Father strict?  Nay, loving One!
He looks at me and calls me "son;"
therefore, because of His great love,
such turbulence I'll rise above.

As Father strict I know Him not!
All that He has I have got!
And being true the Prince of Peace,
He renders such and tumults cease!
So blessed, so very blessed am I.
For at His word, the winds, they die,
not only on the mighty sea,
but deep within the soul of me!

I know that you have known the same turbulence, but do You know the same Father?   Too many I meet know Him as only a stern taskmaster.  What a loss!!  Call out to Him, even on that angry sea, and He will come to your rescue!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


In another place, there are things going on that are too perfect and too beautiful for us to know about!
Thus, they are too perfect and too beautiful to be captured in word...unfortunately!
However, He does provide glimpses of that glory as we press on faithfully.

Another time, another place...
is it somewhere that you will face?
There is a time, (and soon the same,)
when all shall bow and call His Name.
But those who call upon Him now,
we shall enjoy that time, and how!
For there, it shall be Paradise!
For I cannot say just how nice
because such truth is hidden yet-
only glimpses do we get.

Another time, another Place...
and there resides the King of Grace
and He shall be our escort there!
He will show us Everywhere!
Call upon Him even now.
Seal for certain that one vow
that guarantees your residency-
For Jesus is the only Way
to escape this life that day
and spend eternity in peace!
His Blood, His Name-that One release!

Another time...another Place...does your heart ever rest on those thoughts?  It is such a relief to know the security we have being a child of God.
Do you have that security?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

(No title)

Sometimes, (again!) things are not always as they appear...

Only but a speck am I-
minute, diminutive, aye!
My purpose, it be manifold,
even through the ages told;
The use of me, no matter great,
for it can so effectuate
a growth...a spreading...yea, A RISE
in that, a thousandfold my size!
In a mass, I am not lost.
For my skill one paid the cost
and, with His goal, shall I keep pace
in spite of awesome odds I face!
Strike me down, I shall be more
than any you have seen before;
scatter me, I'll multiply!

Ok, ok.  That may be taking it a bit too far.  But He did call us to be yeast!  Read it again, see the parable and be all that you can be for His purpose.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Night Sky


The middle of the night is come
I gaze at 'yond expanse...
too much remains unfathomed with
a casual, fleeting glance!
Thus am I held thrall 'fore this
o'erwhelmingest of sights,
captivated wholly, this
most crystalline of nights!

"Though captive so, let me not ever
fathom what I see
lest I become contented and
neglect to honor Thee!
'But just to realize that it
is from Your mighty hand,'
God Almighty, this is all
I need to understand!"

Listen...away from all noise...
Look...away from all sources of light save that above...
Be alone there with Him Who makes it all.  Be affected.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Gathered thoughts


"Though often I've encountered death,
You, Lord, have prolonged my breath!
Oh, bless us with yet one more day
in which to which to play.

How many hours are preserved
because Almighty God we've served?
How oft do we, the morning, see
because of mercy constantly?

But though we oft encounter death,
do ask amiss we "One more breath?"
For that beyond our breathing here
is perfect, glorious and clear!

So teach us, yet again, we pray
how to approach life every day;
what to desire in that walk
so, at the end, we shall not balk."

It hurts. 
God has so much glory and perfection awaiting us just beyond the vale...but we dread it, fear it and try to avoid it.
What a quandary...

Thursday, September 13, 2012


If I love her, I will look for ways to improve her life.
If I love her, I will see to it that she is comfortable.
If I love her, I will speak out in her defense when she being talked about.
If I love...I will do more than sit here and write!

That within to churn once more
upon thought and reflection.
It so demands response and action-
more than introspection!
That emotion deeper far
than a 'cushy' feel-
it so remains a constancy
that makes a person real.

And I know her 'reality,'
really, she's for real!
It is not very often her
emotions would conceal!
But that within which only love
could, to the surface, bring-
I have known for, lo, these years,
and it makes me to sing!

And that within to push me to
improve her living here.
It makes me to make sacrifices-
far to persevere!
It causes me to do obscure,
ridiculous behavior!
It makes to to talk constantly
about her to my Savior!

That shows without
so everyone can know
that I am so in love with her
as through this life we go!

I hope that all of you are blessed with someone to love as much as I love my wife Debby!  I will always love her, be proud of her, pray for her and defend her.  She is very worth it!


That moment again.  Grab a pen!  Capture it!!
That moment when the Presence of Holy Spirit is so strong--The Anointing!
Turn the worship music up louder?
"No!" He says.
"Turn the music off completely.  Put the pen down.  Listen..."
Silence.  That sacred "hush."  Savor it...don't capture it.
There are times and places for all things good.  But just as vital are those moments of sacred silence in His holy Presence.
Listen...can you hear it?
Silence--have you heard?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Where are thoughts on this day?
What is that within, surfacing upon reflection?
Of course it hurts!  But is that pain doing good or doing harm.  Everyone processes it differently.

How many are the flags aloft,
in memory to fly?
How many are the visions yet
just there behind the eye?
How many are the fears remaining
from an awful time?
If differences alone remain?
What a heinous crime!!

Too painful be the images
to once again bring out;
that each of us are violated
is without a doubt!
But bitterness and anger can be
weapons even worse!
Do I move ahead, or do
constantly rehearse?

Where is grace and mercy in
the light of such a crime?
I must remember Who the Judge is,
He controls all time.
I cannot do anything
save pray as I am told,
and cling yet to The Healer-
righteousness will He uphold.

We continue to pray for the injured. 
We continue to honor the fallen.
We continue to trust in Jesus.
We continue to fight the Good Fight.  For we KNOW that that battle will ever be fruitful.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Peace is come!

Peace is coming...oh, the day
that shall not come to end!
Peace is coming--in the clouds
of glory to descend!
Peace is coming, and His Name
is Jesus Christ the King!
Peace is coming--He shall
overshadow everything!

Do you know that peace in ways
that will, unshaken, be?
He must be living at a depth
that conflict will not see!
He is alive to see you through
when peace seems to be not;
peace is come--and that far more
than ANY peace you've sought!

Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace--
He's coming for so real!
Jesus Christ, Son of God--
know Him...see Him...feel!

Peace is surely coming.  Oh, but Peace is surely here and available for you RIGHT NOW!
Call out to Jesus!  Don't let anything in this life embezzle you out of a relationship with Jesus!  He loves you so much that He will provide perfect peace in the midst of the life that is...and so much more!

Still Fresh

The day that I got saved....I still remember it well!
What about you?

The day of my salvation-
it is fresh upon my mind,
but that same peace and jubilation,
daily yet I find!
The years, for thy have come and gone
since that blessed day,
and I am yet committed to
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

"Every day in Jesus,
it is sweeter than the last,"
this, so very long ago,
into my heart was cast!
And each day in the interim
lent credence to this word
as each and every day such blessings
truly are occurred!

The day of my salvation, oh,
and every morning since,
for my submitting unto Him
have I known recompense!
Blessing beyond measure, such as
this world cannot give!
Ever thankful I that, in my heart,
He'll ever live!

Remember that day?  Is it still wonderful?  It should be!  God wants it to be. 
If you cannot recall the wonder and the thrill of learning about God's love and what Jesus did for you, ask Him about it.  He is faithful to answer the seeking heart.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Most Beautiful

The love of God.  What can be said about the love of God?

Finer than a drop of water
coal to cultivate.....
more pure than any precious metal
man to excavate.....
more beautiful than what is cultured
in the fathoms deep.....
such is the love of God the Father,
in my heart to keep.

Can anything compare to that
provided by such grace?
Is anything as beautiful
here in this temporal place?
Does even this, my verbiage, fathom
what I try to pen?
The answers yet remain in Him
in Whom I'm born again!

Regardless, shall I e'er pursue,
relentless in my quest;
likely not to capture it,
but I will do my best!
Communicating, oh, the love
that only I could know:
the Father's love---more beautiful---
yet freely to bestow!

Have you experienced such love?
What can YOU say about it?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just paper?

Again, an empty page...
that within to rage!
Compulsion be to write-
creation to ignite!

An empty, waiting sheet-
would my pen compete
with words that are before?
Surely, God is more!

An empty page no more!
Let's go now to the shore
and walk with Jesus Lord-
life to be restored.
And living to be savored
by His own, so favored.
Are you one of His own?
"by the love you've shown."
Each line now come to form.
Lines and words transform
into ministry-
life to surely be!

"Just an empty page?"
The poet, would he rage
in protest of such thought!
Just see the life it's wrought!

Letters...words...verses...all to glorify God!
Be lifted as you glorify God in all that you do and say today!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pastor Shy

I was in a meeting this morning and one of my brothers informed us that Pastor Shy was killed in an accident last evening. 
It hurts.

A part of us is gone today.
He left this world in his own way.
He left this world a better place;
He's gone into the arms of Grace!

A part of us is gone today,
but only in the flesh.
For in our hearts, in many ways,
he yet would sure enmesh!
We listen to his sermons yet,
we feel his firm embrace;
we cannot lose his influence
or the smile on his face!

"Brother Mike, we miss you,
but we will see you later!
Pastor Shy, we miss you,
but you have gained the greater!
We know that we will carry on-
you showed to us the way-
then there, together, we shall fete
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"

A part of us is gone today;
yet he's still here in such a way
that all of our lives he will grace
as we press on unto That Place!

But it still hurts.  And I am sure that each of you who has lost such a beloved member of your heart knows how to pray for us.
Thank you for your prayers.