Friday, August 10, 2012

This is my Desire

Another early morning...
one more opportunity to shine for God.
First things first:

"This is my desire, Lord,
my single-most resolve,
to become much more like You,
mine everything involve!
The ways of You become my own,
conforming to Your will;
Your mores and Your attitudes
so deep in me instill.
Lord, overtake my humanness
with all that You possess.
Cause the words and deeds of me
to minister and bless.
Not to glorify myself,
but, God, to honor You!
You are worthy of my life, yes,
ALL I say and do!

This is my desire, Lord,
mine everything to give!
Without Your touch upon my life
I could not even live!
Be all that You can be within
so I can give my all!
Jesus, I am Yours, and I
commit unto Your call!"

God is committed to my success today.  Am I?
Am I ready to give my all so that He can get the glory?
Whose glory am I really seeking?

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