Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The glory and the Majesty
to seize life yet once more;
the spectacle and awe of Him!
The silence and the roar.
The terror of His Presence-
the welcome of the same
contribute to the marvel as I
cry out Jesus' Name!

"Jesus," come to save and rescue
from the endless pain...
"Jesus," come to purify
and guarantee our gain...
"Jesus," come to listen and to
hear the words of all...
"Jesus," come in answer to
each genuine, real call.

And at the mention of His Name
the splendor overtakes;
emotions rise at vision of Him;
feel life as it shakes!
only to be stabilized
inside of His embrace;
feel His mighty, loving arms...
look into His face!!

The glory and the Majesty-
so personal, so real!
Nothing of Himself now would He
seek for to conceal!
Already is He seeing me
in actuality;
so awesome and so beautiful
is Jesus Christ to me!

Have you been this close to God before?
Try it!  You will never be the same again!
Fear reverence, not horror!  He loves you and desires to be this close to you...and closer!
Can you handle that?

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