Friday, August 24, 2012

See Only Him

Oh, the many sights and all
the ways in which to see.
Yet, many times, I lack to view
what is supposed to be.
The answers, though, before mine eyes,
I do not understand;
I must spend more time listening
and giving less command...

In search of His mighty arm
I miss His shelt'ring palm...
in begging for deliverance
I miss that tranquil calm...
in pursuit of healing I
lose sight of Him that heals...
in search of revelation I
lose sight of Who reveals...
in asking for provision, the
Provider, oft, I spurn.
Should I refrain from 'solid food'
'til this, again, I learn?
At times, in zeal, I pray and miss
that peace that passes all

when I should only shut my mouth
and wait for it to fall!

Should I need a healing, see
the healing One instead!
And shall I lack provision, see
the One Who brings the bread!
My needs will evermore be met
out of His supply,
then shall He not be that alone
on which I cast mine eye?

Don't lose focus.  Don't lose sight of God the Provider when seeking provision!  His Word is explicit in revealing that He knows our every need even before we do!
Trust Him!

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