Saturday, August 18, 2012


Early once again...
Shadows are not quite yet as the sun has not peeked over the horizon...
and as I watch, I think of something else that is looming...

My hands, they comfort one another
as I yet await...
my feet await command from me
to specify their gait...
my ears, they tingle as I long,
instruction, to receive...
mine eyes are fixed upon the east
for that which I believe!

My hope, my hope, a promise, yea,
and more and more each day!
Anticipation, it will cease
and I will fly away!
Away into the Heaven that
He made for us by hand
where is treasure without measure-
o what Gloryland!!

Awake, o trump of Gabriel
to sound upon His word
once the Father, Son and
Holy Spirit have concurred!
We await and we prepare
to meet Him in the air,
then, with the Tri-une evermore,
to celebrate and share!

That sound is closer than we think.
His Word tells us to be prepared for it at all times.  However, my spirit bears witness of its urgency with excitement!
Can you feel it?


Gayle Alatia said...

Great poem Jim, as is all of your wonderful messages.

God Bless and be with you Always,

Pat Reed said...

We hope you are fairing well there in Arkansas. We are doing well here with the exception of it being so hot and humid as it is here in the south eastern part of NC every summer.
The tourists have NOT been very many this summer. Who knows why unless it is the economy that is keeping them away from the beach.
We have not
been to the beach this summer but twice and that was when our church had a baptizing in the ocean twice. Old fashion baptizm. LOL.
You have a good Sunday tomorrow.
I will be in
church both a.m. and p.m. services.
Must get along. Ty so much for your posting to your web site. I enjoy using and sharing with others you know.
Pat Reed