Thursday, August 23, 2012

Perfect Words

Ahh...the challenge once again...that 'compulsion' so deep within to record God, His glory and His ways!

"Oh, to be exacting in
a narrative of Thee.
Explicit in recounting awe
and reverence that be!
So oft would I endeavor words
and Thee and Thy ways-
that often I to come up short,
evasive so the phrase!

"But why is that within me e'er
pursuant of such task?"
This, my soul, so constantly,
of my mind, to ask!
I have another language that
expresses it so well,
but to convey such on this sheet-
such to, this man, compel!
Yet, until the day that I,
the accurate, obtain,
shall I revert, yea, introvert
Thy wonders to explain!
Apparently, much greater, higher,
are the words to know
than all that this, my humanness,
so far's allowed to go!

That wonderful prayer language that the Holy Spirit gives!  Use it constantly!  What a wonderful way into the heart of God!

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