Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pain again...

Beyond the wracking of my body
by this cruel life,
there is One Who gives reward
for every kind of strife...
beyond the taxing of emotions
often to arise,
I am offered sweet embrace
from far beyond the skies!

Too often do the winds arise
attempting to disrupt,
ah, but there is harbor in
the One with Whom I've supped!
He sees the wind, He sees the storm,
He even rides the same,
and victory and comfort, they are
mine, in Him, to claim!

Beyond the pending damage of
whatever lies ahead
I see the end result and unto
victory I'm led!
Right beside me is The One
assisting me along,
but right INSIDE me is the same,
I LIVE His very song!

KEEP PRESSING ON!  Yes, it hurts.  No, it may not fair!  But there are priceless promises and assurances that it will all be over soon and it will be worth it!

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