Friday, August 17, 2012

O, That Place!

The end of a long day.  Weary. 
So many things accomplished, yet so many desires remain:

"Carry me, o carry me
unto that blest retreat!
There to be my strength anew,
there to be complete!
There to be accompanied,
never there alone;
carry me, o carry me
again unto the Throne.

Strengthen me, o strengthen me
with that which be divine;
that nourishment beyond description
from the Living Vine!
In it, my sufficiency,
whatever be the task;
strengthen me, o strengthen me
til, at the Throne, I bask!

Rapture me, o rapture me
then at the Trumpet sound!
As I have faithful been to Thee,
as, in Thee, I am found!
I dedicate my life to Thee,
o Savior of my soul!
Rapture me, o rapture me
when glory bells, they toll!"

Yes, that beautiful Day is coming soon!
Until then, Jesus provides rest for the weary.
Trust Him for that rest today...and forever!

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